Your Ticket To Racing!

We are so excited to see all the wallets out there filling up with Virtual Horse Tickets!

So, how does it work?

It should be fairly easy to use! First, go to the website — — and you will be greeted with a tutorial!

PFP Breeding Tool: make sure you only access from
Transaction #1 — fee for creation of an associated token account for the Fine Filly transfer
Transaction #2: fee for cost of minting the ticket and transferring the Filly to Third Time
Transaction #3: The confirmation required from the user to mint the ticket on their behalf.
  1. You will have a “Marvelous Mare” replacement (identical to your Filly but has a golden MM ticket emblem and is in a separate collection). This is so no one can breed with a Fine Filly more than once.
A “Marvelous Mare” — she’s a 1–1 replacement for a “Fine Filly” except now she’s a proud parent! Look at her glow!


As I’m sure you’re aware, the unfortunate state of the Solana network right now is that transactions can be dropped, lost, or time out. We’ve put in as much error handling as we could reasonably think of, and we also have a handy ticket system on the error popup where you can submit a ticket right to us if something goes wrong:

If you get an error, it’s safe to try again. If it keeps failing, read below:
  1. Do you have a Generation Zero ticket, but not a Marvelous Mare? If so, give it a minute or two before submitting a ticket. We have seen MULTIPLE instances of the Solana response being one of a timeout, yet all transactions actually completing and all mares/tickets arriving correctly in the wallet.
  2. Do you not have either a ticket or a Marvelous Mare, but don’t have your Filly? If so, give it a minute or two to see if they appear, then submit a ticket.

Aftermarket Trading

Marvelous Mares and Generation Zero Tickets are both trade-able on the aftermarket in their own new collections.

Inbreeding Warning

As in real life, inbreeding can cause serious genetic defects in a child. For foals in Photo Finish, the penalties for inbreeding are similarly significant.


We are excited for you to all continue this journey with us! What started as a stealth PFP mint in fall of 2021 has us moving ever closer to racing with these amazing virtual steeds. As always, join the Discord and follow us on Twitter for the most recent updates!


Photo Finish Live is the 3rd horse racing title created by veteran game development studio Third Time Games. Founded by a senior leadership team with 50+ years experience heading up games, teams, and studios at EA Sports, Zynga, FanDuel, Glu, and more, Third Time is building the most authentic horse racing ecosystem with play to earn mechanics and a dual token economy utilizing the Solana blockchain, releasing in Q1/Q2 2022. Learn more at



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