Your Ticket To Racing!

We are so excited to see all the wallets out there filling up with Virtual Horse Tickets!

So, how does it work?

PFP Breeding Tool: make sure you only access from
Transaction #1 — fee for creation of an associated token account for the Fine Filly transfer
Transaction #2: fee for cost of minting the ticket and transferring the Filly to Third Time
Transaction #3: The confirmation required from the user to mint the ticket on their behalf.
  1. Your “Fine Filly” will be gone from your wallet
  2. You will have a “Marvelous Mare” replacement (identical to your Filly but has a golden MM ticket emblem and is in a separate collection). This is so no one can breed with a Fine Filly more than once.
A “Marvelous Mare” — she’s a 1–1 replacement for a “Fine Filly” except now she’s a proud parent! Look at her glow!


If you get an error, it’s safe to try again. If it keeps failing, read below:
  1. Do you still have your Fine Filly? If so, refresh the page and retry the transaction again, it may have just timed out. If it keeps failing, submit a ticket.
  2. Do you have a Generation Zero ticket, but not a Marvelous Mare? If so, give it a minute or two before submitting a ticket. We have seen MULTIPLE instances of the Solana response being one of a timeout, yet all transactions actually completing and all mares/tickets arriving correctly in the wallet.
  3. Do you not have either a ticket or a Marvelous Mare, but don’t have your Filly? If so, give it a minute or two to see if they appear, then submit a ticket.

Aftermarket Trading

Inbreeding Warning





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