Third Time @ Pegasus Cup

The (Florida contingent of the) Photo Finish team had quite a time this last weekend of January! We had the distinct and wonderful privilege of attending the Pegasus World Cup Invitational Stakes at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida!

From left to right: Abhijit Lothe (VP / Engineering Lead); Ian Cummings (Founder / CEO); Brian Fleming (Chief Creative Officer); Jeremy Siegel (Community Manager / Composer); Paul Fleetwood (Chief Technical Officer); Christopher Vance (Principal Developer); and Michael Edelnant (VP / Experience Director)

Though the sun was bright in South Florida, there was a crisp chill breeze. Luckily, our table was outside in the shade and mostly shielded from the wind!

We dined, chatted, bonded, and talked shop while betting on (and mostly losing money on) some of the best horses racing these days. We got some great ideas for additional track design elements, presentation, and animations for Photo Finish 2. We drooled over the gorgeous coats of Beautiful Lover, Colonel Liam, and of course Knicks Go.

Breeder’s Cup champion Knicks Go, walking to the gates for the last race of his career.

If you’ve never seen horse racing in person, their sheer size and speed is simply astonishing. These thoroughbreds are sleek, muscular, strong, and just impressive as hell.

Speaking of impressive as hell, if you ever get a chance to go to Gulfstream Park, the track is phenomenal, as are the surrounding restaurants and stores and bars. And of course, the food and drinks at the track were fantastic.

Nothing beats watching champion horses and sipping on fancy drinks!

Some of us were better than others at picking the winners, but it was fun regardless, and the sheer excitement that comes when the horses close in on the finish line is something we want to capture in Photo Finish 2!

Ian celebrating hitting a Trifecta in style.

There were so many bigwigs out and about. We were very happy to meet with the great people from Boat Racing, LLC and 1/ST BET! Ja Rule, Lil’ Kim, and Ashlee Simpson could be seen walking around. And we even had access to the exclusive Flamingo Club and Carousel Club!

Trying to act cool.

All in all it was an incredible day, and when you have a team that enjoys each other’s company as much as we do, it shows in the product! We can’t wait to see our fans enjoy themselves in Photo Finish 2 and in the Suites as much as we enjoyed ourselves at the Pegasus World Cup!

Paul looking dapper as hell, Jeremy picking another losing horse and obscuring Chris from view, Michael looking for the hot tips on the next race, Abhijit being VERY SERIOUS about betting, and Brian and Ian doing their research.

Come join our Discord and follow us on Twitter for more horse racing and gaming fun!

Jeremy Siegel
Community Manager / Composer
Third Time Entertainment




Game development studio with many years in AAA, mobile, and F2P. Crypto enthusiasts. Big fans of Unity.

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Third Time Dev

Third Time Dev

Game development studio with many years in AAA, mobile, and F2P. Crypto enthusiasts. Big fans of Unity.

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