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Team Update

As the popularity and demand and communities of both of these projects have grown, Third Time has had to grow too! As many of you know, we have been primarily a development-centric shop for the past ~6+ years. Now, we have started to open up headcount on the operational side of things to help us scale. One of the core pillars of Third Time is giving full autonomy to all employees, and so a key part of that is hiring absolute rockstars. Since our last update, we’ve had some great additions to our team, and so we wanted to introduce them to you.

Brian Peganoff, Head of Strategy / Partnerships
Brian had a pretty action packed stint at Glu Mobile…
Justin Morgan, Vice President of Production
Working late at Disney can have it’s benefits…
Abhijit Lothe, Vice President and Engineering Lead
Michael Edelnant, VP / Experience Director
Michael prides himself on very aesthetic UX while still being highly functional



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