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Hello all! We’ve been hard at work on so many things with regards to development of both of our projects. Photo Finish continues to show great progress towards a Q1/Q2 launch, and The Suites (with the help of 302 Interactive) is nearing an important milestone of owners and players being able to enter their suites in an MVP playable alpha version!

The first bit of news we wanted to share is that we have officially decided our new horse racing game has an official new name — Photo Finish Live! We have felt the pain of calling the product “Photo Finish 2” for quite some time now, as many may confuse this with our previous mobile product. By rebranding the game we hope we can more easily differentiate the products, and we even have a brand new fancy website you can visit (that is much shorter to type than the old one)!

Visit our new website at !

Team Update

As the popularity and demand and communities of both of these projects have grown, Third Time has had to grow too! As many of you know, we have been primarily a development-centric shop for the past ~6+ years. Now, we have started to open up headcount on the operational side of things to help us scale. One of the core pillars of Third Time is giving full autonomy to all employees, and so a key part of that is hiring absolute rockstars. Since our last update, we’ve had some great additions to our team, and so we wanted to introduce them to you.

First, allow us to introduce…

Brian Peganoff, Head of Strategy / Partnerships

Brian joins the Third Time team after a stint as Senior Director of Corporate Development & Strategy at Glu Mobile / Electronic Arts, where he worked alongside Third Time’s Ian Cummings, Brian Fleming, Paul Fleetwood, Michael Edelnant, and Abhijit Lothe. Following Glu’s acquisition, Brian has been focused on the intersection of gaming and web 3.

Brian had a pretty action packed stint at Glu Mobile…

Brian brings with him an extensive background in banking, finance, and corporate development, having spent 14 years on Wall Street at Deutsche Bank. We’re always happy to add big brains to the team, and Brian’s experience making deals is already bearing fruit as we expand the reach and partnerships of The Suites.

Next up…

Justin Morgan, Vice President of Production

Justin joins the Third Time team after 5 years at Disney, working as a Manager of Program Management for Disney Parks & Resorts’ digital operations. Prior to Disney, he worked at FanDuel, Viewpost, and Electronic Arts (the latter being where Justin met and worked with many of Third Time’s other EA veterans, such as Paul Fleetwood, Ian Cummings, Brian Fleming, Abhijit Lothe, and Michael Edelnant). He has been in the game / entertainment industry for over 20 years.

Working late at Disney can have it’s benefits…

Justin brings many skills to the Third Time team, including extensive development director skills, project management skills, and a keen organizational mind. His role is to help the company scale with hiring and keep all of our projects organized and delivering on time.

There are also a couple of new additions who’ve been on the team for a couple months, but who haven’t been formally introduced until now.

Officially introducing…

Abhijit Lothe, Vice President and Engineering Lead

Abhijit is another veteran, who also worked with many of the Third Time team at EA, Zynga, & FanDuel, including Brian Fleming, Ian Cummings, Michael Edelnant, Justin Morgan and Paul Fleetwood. He recently spent years working on core engineering at MagicLeap.


Abhijit is a multi-talented engineering leader with a greater than 15 year history of developing video games. His expertise includes 3D graphics, server engineering, networking, and game economics and has worked on several games targeting mobile, AR/VR, and next gen consoles. He has also managed teams of various sizes at Magic Leap, EA and Zynga.

And last, but not least…

Michael Edelnant, VP / Experience Director

Michael joined the Third Time team after his stint as Senior UX Designer at EA, where he worked alongside Third Time’s Ian Cummings, Brian Fleming, Paul Fleetwood, and Abhijit Lothe.

Michael prides himself on very aesthetic UX while still being highly functional

Michael is a multi-talented designer & developer that has served as Lead Front End Developer & Lead Experience Designer roles for organizations such as EA, FanDuel, and Stats, Inc. His 20+ years of designing & building experiences for different platforms allows for Michael to instinctively problem-solve most UX & UI challenges.

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See you next time!

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