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Photo Finish 2 is a living, breathing, strategic, and skill-based ecosystem built on the blockchain; featuring verifiable ownership of NFT Race Horses, 100% authentic and lifelike race simulations, a true-to-life genetics based breeding engine, and a carefully tuned token economy, all living on the blockchain.

UI mock of Photo Finish 2’s upcoming web platform
From — the founders of Third Time Inc have over 50 years of game dev experience
Photo Finish Horse Racing still maintains a 4.8 rating >6 years after launch
Our simulation (accurately) predicts a Justify victory in the 2018 Kentucky Derby
  1. Real Money Racing. Nearly every minute, a new race will be open for players across the world - just like you - to pay a cryptocurrency entry fee in order race your horses against each other. As a virtual thoroughbred owner, you select the race that best matches your horse’s strengths and minimizes their weaknesses, and importantly, matches the cost that you are comfortable with risking as an entry fee. Once the race is full, our tried-and-true engine creates a real-world accurate simulation down to the millisecond furlong by furlong, and renders a result live for all to see. The winning horse gets the lion’s share of the entry fee pot, but all entrants get at least 1% of the purse back for trying.
  2. All horses are NFT’s. In layman’s terms, this means that your race horse is verifiably yours and only yours, and can be freely bought, sold, and traded with other real life players. Your virtual thoroughbred is a 100% unique living, breathing, machine with its genetic profile stored on the blockchain. Which leads us to the next point…
  3. Authentic Genetics-Based Breeding. In 2018 we built one of the most advanced and authentic breeding simulations on the market, and for Photo Finish 2 we plan on expanding this even further. Smart breeders and horse owners are rewarded by tailoring their bloodlines over hundreds of generations to improve their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. The entire breeding ecosystem is controlled by you, the players! Owners of retired stallions can put their horses out to stud and choose the fee to breed with them. Owners of retired mares can breed their own foals, minting brand new horses for themselves to later enter the racing ecosystem. Will you breed a long distance monster on turf or a dirt sprinter with a thirst for the mud? Can you breed the next champion racehorse?
  4. Shared Calendar and Horse Lifespans. Every player in Photo Finish 2 is playing within the same universe, a universe that runs at an accelerated clock of 1 year every month. Why are we doing this? There are two main reasons:



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