Official OpenSea Partnership!

The rumors are true, the worlds are colliding and we are officially announcing our integration with the largest NFT marketplace on the internet, OpenSea! We are beginning with two of our collections — “Photo Finish Live: PFP Collection” and “The Suites” — both of which will be available to purchase on OpenSea imminently!

We’ve officially partnered with OpenSea to bring our collections to the world’s largest NFT Marketplace!

If you’re a true Solana-maxi, you may not fully understand the scope of the Ethereum-based mainstay marketplace which is OpenSea. For perspective, to date Opensea has done $200 BILLION in sales volume since its inception — to compare, Magic Eden was at $736 million in total sales volume as of March 14 this year. It should be clear why so many people in the SOL NFT space are thrilled at this enormous exposure point, including us.

Actual scale chart of total NFT sales volume between OpenSea and our preferred Solana market — MagicEden

This integration is a milestone on the path of all-consuming growth for the global NFT market. As blockchain boundaries begin to blur and the market expands, Third Time looks ahead towards a cross-chain future for maximum reach, and to the robust player ecosystem that future will provide.




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