Closed Beta Test | The Suites

Who knew streaming a live underwater camera in the Metaverse could be so soothing?

Closed Beta Test Details

Today, the structure is relatively simple. We are hosting a special Rocket League tournament for our community with some cool prizes on the line. While this is going on, we will open up a voice channel where the entire community can chat with the team.

  1. Our spectator stream of the Rocket League tournament will be streaming directly into the Suite
  2. Throughout the event we’ll be allowing folks in the voice chat to create an avatar and jump into our testing Suite — Sports Metaverse here you come!
  3. We will livestream the interior of the Suite back to the Discord so even if you don’t get to walk around and hang inside the Suite, you can see what’s going on in there. Is this Inception?

Preparing to enter The Suite

If you are interested in participating today, here’s a few tips:

  1. Create your own Avatar! Go to
Recently single and ready to mingle
Copy and Paste — we’ve all done it
You’re almost there!
Go Chad…Go Chad…



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